About the DXpedition

Place: Norfolk (VK9N), IOTA OC-005.
Team and modes: Jacek SP5EAQ (SSB exclusively); Mek SP7VC (digital modes); Marcin SP5ES (CW)
Time: October/November 2019
   - 18 October – 4 November: SP5EAQ
   - 18 October – 28 October: SP7VC
   - 28 October – 4 November: SP5ES
Bands: HF bands
QSL manager: SP7VC (direct, bureau, LoTW)
Other: Jacek SP5EAQ will participate CQ WW DX SSB Contest)

About Team Members

Jacek SP5EAQ

Profession: Eng. Electronics – full Professor
Licensed since 1968, Honor Roll nr 1 on SSB
Interesting in: Ham Radio, sailing
Member of PZK, SP DX Club
Previous DXpeditions: T2AQ, E51EAQ, ZK3Q, 5W0AF, A3EAQ, T30AQ, 3D2MJ, ZL7/SP5EAQ, and ZA/SP5EAQ
Keen DXer on SSB, more than 100.000 QSOs from South Pacific islands


Profession: Engineer in chemical engineering
Licensed since 1991, Honor Roll nr1, Challenge over 3000
Interesting in: Ham Radio, Travelling, Sailing yacht skipper
Member of PZK, SP UKF Club, SN0HQ Team
Previous DXpeditions: V5/SP7VC, CP/SP7VC, OA/SP7VC, PY5/SP7VC, FS/SP7VC, FJ/SP7VC, VP2V/SP7VC, EA8/SP7VC, EA9/SP7VC, PJ5, PJ6, V44, CT9/SP7VC,FM/SP7VC, FG/SP7VC, J79VC, VP2MPG, 5B/SP7VC, J6/SP7VC, J8/SP7VC, J3/SP7VC, 5B/SP7VC, ZC4, 4X/SP7VC, 5W0VC, T31T, TG/SP7VC, YS/SP7VC, V31VC, HR5, XE3, C56VC, J5/SP7VC, 6W, HP84VC, TI/HP84VC, YN/SP7VC, Z22VC, ZS/SP7VC. And many activations from EU countries: 9A, LX, LA, SM, OH, LY, YL, F, EA, EA6, ES, ES0, HB, PA, EI, OZ, MI, OK, MW, OM, IN3, HB, DL, UR, HA, 3A, C3, ZB2, OY, OH0, LZ, SV, YO, Z3, 4O, ZA, Z6, T7, TK, HB0, CT8, T7, SV5, SV9, 9H3KK
Many IOTA activations - 49 islands
Many activations from different grids via Meteo Scatter- 71 grids
Favorite mode: SSB, FT8, FSK441, JT65, MSK144
FaceBook HAM profile: SP7VC Radio Expeditions. Old website: http://sp7vc.pl/

Marcin SP5ES

Profession: Engineer in chemistry
Licensed since 1972, Honor Roll holder
Member of PZK, SP DX Club
Previous activities: 5W0AG, CR1M, DL/SP5ES, FM/SP5ES, FG/SP5ES, OM/SP5ES, ZK3E, ZL/SP5ES, ZS/SP5ES, SP5ES/mm. First Polish guest operation in Austria (SP5GOR/OE), guest operator 4U1ITU (1978)
Member of 3Y0I team attempting unsuccessfully activate Bouvet in March 2019
650 activations of WWFF, lighthouses and Polish counties


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Other information

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